We are your occupational health service company!

Sjuksyrra AB was founded in 2014 by Magnus Lundqvist who is a registered nurse. “Sjuksyrra” is Swedish and translates to nurse.

Kontakta oss

How does it work?

Sjuksyrra offers you and your employees occupational health services. We can provide help with short notice when you or your staff fall sick. We are easy to reach by telephone and will send our professionals to your embassy promptly. We are a multi-professional team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, personal trainers and counselling professionals who will provide your employees with great health care.

Our services

Healthcare and health checks
We can support you and your staff with non-urgent health care and offer help to maintain adherence to treatment (injections, share medicines etcetera). We can help you prohibit disease by offering health checks.


Addresses employees or managers and engages in problems that affect the workplace. Our counselor identifies the problem and presents proposals for action plans.

Management support

Addresses the manager who needs support in employee relations or in their role as a leader. Common occurrence is support for sick leave, high short-term absence or corrective plans for employees that experience difficulties in the organization.


Sjuksyrra AB offers health checks to you and your staff. A health examination includes blood tests, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, ECG, BMI, health declaration. Please contact us for more information about health examination.


Sampling can be done as part of physical condition investigation or health examination. Sampling takes place at a location convenient to you or with one of our partners. Sampling is always followed up by Sjuksyrra AB doctors.


We offer rehabilitation to employees who return from sick leave. Its purpose is to support your staff to get back to work and reduce risk of long-term health issues. Help with rehabilitation can be support by a physiotherapist.

Personal training

Sjuksyrra AB can help guide you to a good balance of work and private life. Our personal trainers set up personalized training programs and guide your staff to a healthier lifestyle.


Please contact our coordinator for further information.